Class P Drivers

As an innovative leader in LED driver development, Keystone Technologies introduces our new Class P UL LED Driver program. The Class P program allows luminaire manufacturers to source alternate LED drivers without the need to retest for UL certification. Since Class P drivers already comply with safety standards, manufacturers are able to contain costs, expedite product design, and get new products into the marketplace quickly.

Check back regularly for updates. We are actively adding drivers to our Class P driver program.

Class P


Approved Output Current Range
Keystone Catalog Number Designation Minimum Maximum
KTLD-7-1-200-FDIM-AF1 200mA 200mA
KTLD-10-1-XXX-FDIM-AF1 200mA 700mA
KTLD-12-UV-350-VDIM-AF1 350mA 350mA
KTLD-14-UV-XXX-VDIM-AF1 250mA 900mA
KTLD-25-1-XXX-FDIM-AF6 440mA 1400mA
KTLD-25-UV-XXX-VDIM-AF6 600mA 1050mA
KTLD-36-UV-1200-AF6 1200mA 1200mA
KTLD-36-UV-XXX-VDIM-AF6 900mA 1500mA
KTLD-40-1-XXX-FDIM-L9 350mA 2000mA
KTLD-40-UV-850-L2 850mA 850mA
KTLD-40-UV-XXX-VDIM-L2 690mA 1670mA
KTLD-50-1-1450-AR2 1450mA 1450mA
KTLD-50-1-XXX-VDIM-AR2 /D 920mA 2100mA
KTLD-50-UV-XXX-VDIM-L9 700mA 2100mA
KTLD-60-UV-1250-VDIM-L11 1250mA 1250mA
KTLD-60-UV-XXX-VDIM-AR1 540mA 1750mA
KTLD-75-UV-XXX-VDIM-67-AP9 500mA 2100mA
KTLD-80-UV-XXX-VDIM-L5 500mA 3000mA
KTLD-90-1-2625-L5 2625mA 2625mA
KTLD-90-1-2625-VDIM-L5 2625mA 2625mA
KTLD-90-UV-2200-VDIM-L5 2200mA 2200mA
KTLD-90-UV-2625-L5 2625mA 2625mA
KTLD-90-UV-2625-VDIM-L5 2625mA 2625mA
KTLD-90-UV-2800-VDIM-L5 2800mA 2800mA
KTLD-100-UV-XXX-VDIM-L5 1780mA 3200mA
KTLD-100-UV-XXX-VDIM-67-AP8 1750mA 3150mA
KTLD-200-UV-3200-AP5 3200mA 3200mA
KTLD-200-UV-XXX-VDIM-AP5 450mA 3200mA
KTLD-240-CA-2500-AP5 2500mA 2500mA
KTLD-240-CA-3200-AP5 3200mA 3200mA