Smart Current


  • Meets FCC Part 15 (Class B) Consumer Limits
  • Short Circuit Overload and Open Load Protection
  • Dimmable with 0-10V Dimmer (Down to 1% at Max. Output Current)
  • Auxiliary Power: 12Vdc; 200mA Max.
  • THD: < 20%
  • 20ºC/-4ºF to 50ºC/122ºF Operating Temperature
  • 90ºC/194ºF Maximum Case Temperature
  • Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Programmable Output Current via Keystone Supplied Programming Jig


  • Drive Current (10mA Increments)
  • Minimum Dimming Level (1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, or 10%)
  • Dimming Curve (Linear, Log, Inverse Log, or Square-law)
  • Minimum Dimming Voltage (1V, 1.5V, or 2V)
  • Maximum Dimming Voltage (7V, 8V, or 9V)
  • Dim-to-off Voltage (.8V, 1V, 1.2V, or N/A)
  • Thermal Foldback Temperature (75ºC, 80ºC, 85ºC, or 90ºC)

Smart Current Programmable Driver Brochure

Input Charachteristics Output Charachteristics Features
Catalog Number Input Voltage Input Power Power Factor Max. Current Output Power Rated Output Current Output Voltage Efficiency Case Style Spec Sheet
KTLD-30-UV-SC1050-56-VDIM-U7 120-277Vac 35W >0.9 0.36A @120V
0.19A @240V
0.16A @277V
30W 350-1050mA 10-56V 84% (at 120V) U7 Download
KTLD-50-UV-SC1400-56-VDIM-U7 120-277Vac >0.9 0.52A @120V
0.25A @240V
0.23A @277V
50W 470-1400mA 10-56V 84% (at 120V) U7 Download
KTLD-85-UV-SC2600-56-VDIM-U4 120-277Vac >0.9 0.97A @120V
0.49A @240V
0.44A @277V
85W 500-2600mA 28-56V 84% (at 120V) U4 Download