Combo Drive LED – T8

Combo Drive T8 LED offers maximum flexibility in both technology and application. Plug & Play for ballast-compatible operation or remove the ballast and connect line voltage directly to the lamp sockets for bypass operation.

  • Runs on existing instant start T8 electronic ballast or 120-277V Line voltage
  • Instant Start-up
  • Environmentally friendly: No Mercury Used
  • Frosted Lens Eliminates Pixelation

Combo Drive T8 Compatibility List

UL Listing MarkingUL Classification Marking - Canada and USANSF certifiedETL Sanitation Listed5 Year Warranty



System Wattage Initial Lumens
Catalog Number Color Length Wattage Lumens .78 BF .88 BF 1.18 BF .78 BF .88 BF 1.18 BF Input Voltage Lamp Wattage Initial
Spec Sheet
KT-LED9T8-24GC-830-X 3000K 2’ 9W 1100 11.2W 11.5W 12.1W 1070 1070 1070 120-277V 9W 1070 Download
KT-LED9T8-24GC-835-X 3500K 2’ 9W 1100 11.2W 11.5W 12.1W 1110 1110 1110 120-277V 9W 1110 Download
KT-LED9T8-24GC-840-X 4000K 2’ 9W 1150 11.2W 11.5W 12.1W 1170 1170 1170 120-277V 9W 1170 Download
KT-LED9T8-24GC-850-X 5000K 2’ 9W 1150 11.2W 11.5W 12.1W 1190 1190 1190 120-277V 9W 1190 Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-830-X 3000K 4’ 15W 1800 16.2W 17.4W 18.5W 1620 1750 1880 120-277V 15W 1710 Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-835-X 3500K 4’ 15W 1800 16.2W 17.4W 18.5W 1670 1780 1920 120-277V 15W 1750 Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-840-X 4000K 4’ 15W 1800 16.2W 17.4W 18.5W 1710 1840 1980 120-277V 15W 1800 Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-850-X 5000K 4’ 15W 1800 16.2W 17.4W 18.5W 1730 1860 2010 120-277V 15W 1830 Download

For all Keystone ComboDrive linear LED lamps, input voltage is ballast dependent.

Typical Non-Shunted Lampholder

Typical Non-Shunted Lampholder

Connect wires directly to these terminals

When Wiring for Line Voltage

CAUTION: Use only non-shunted lampholders.

When wiring for line voltage, do not use existing shunted lampholders (found in all fixtures using instant start ballasts) with Keystone’s DirectDriveLED or ComboDriveLED.

  • Remove existing shunted lampholders and replace them with non-shunted lampholders.
  • Make new connections directly to terminals as indicated.

Keystone can provide any style replacement lampholders.

Call us at 800-464-2680.