We offer the widest selection of LED tubes on the market that are included on the DLC qualified products list (DLC 4.0 and later, post April 2017). Our DirectDrive and SmartDrive LED tubes have been engineered to reflect the latest, stringent requirements for listing with Design Light Consortium® (DLC). Keystone is fully committed to the research and development of products that meet the latest DLC requirements, and to bringing exceptional energy and labor-saving solutions to our customers. Check back often for new products that have been added to the DLC qualified products list.


Catalog Number Color Temp. Size Wattage Nominal Lumens Replaces Spec Sheet
KT-LED7T8-24GC-830-D 3000K 2′ 7W 850 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-830-D Download
KT-LED7T8-24GC-835-D 3500K 2′ 7W 850 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-835-D Download
KT-LED7T8-24GC-840-D 4000K 2′ 7W 900 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-840-D Download
KT-LED7T8-24GC-850-D 5000K 2′ 7W 950 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-850-D Download
KT-LED11.5T8-48GC-835-D 3500K 4′ 11.5W 1650 lm Download
KT-LED11.5T8-48GC-840-D 4000K 4′ 11.5W 1750 lm Download
KT-LED11.5T8-48GC-850-D 5000k 4′ 11.5W 1800 lm Download
KT-LED12.5T8-48GC-830-D 3000K 4′ 12.5W 1700 lm Download
KT-LED12.5T8-48GC-835-D 3500K 4′ 12.5W 1700 lm Download
KT-LED12.5T8-48GC-840-D 4000K 4′ 12.5W 1750 lm Download
KT-LED12.5T8-48GC-850-D 5000K 4′ 12.5W 1850 lm Download
KT-LED14.5T8-48GC-830-D-FDIM 3000K 4′ 14.5W 1800 lm Download
KT-LED14.5T8-48GC-835-D-FDIM 3500K 4′ 14.5W 1800 lm Download
KT-LED14.5T8-48GC-840-D-FDIM 4000K 4′ 14.5W 1900 lm Download
KT-LED14.5T8-48GC-850-D-FDIM 5000K 4′ 14.5W 1900 lm Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-830-D /G3 3000K 4′ 15W 1750 lm Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-835-D /G3 3500K 4′ 15W 1800 lm KT-LED15T8-48GC-835-D /
KT-LED15T8-48GC-840-D /G3 4000K 4′ 15W 1850 lm KT-LED15T8-48GC-840-D /
KT-LED15T8-48GC-850-D /G3 5000K 4′ 15W 1930 lm KT-LED15T8-48GC-850-D /
KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-835-D 3500K 4′ 18.5W 2450 lm KT-LED22T8-48GC-835-D Download
KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-840-D 4000K 4′ 18.5W 2500 lm KT-LED22T8-48GC-840-D Download
KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-850-D 5000K 4′ 18.5W 2600 lm KT-LED22T8-48GC-850-D Download
KT-LED18T8-U6GC-835-D 3500K U-Bend 18W 2100 lm Download
KT-LED18T8-U6GC-840-D 4000K U-Bend 18W 2150 lm Download
KT-LED18T8-U6GC-850-D 5000K U-Bend 18W 2200 lm Download


Catalog Number Color Temp. Size Wattage Nominal Lumens Replaces Spec Sheet
KT-LED8T8-24GC-830-S 3000K 2′ 8W 1150 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-830-S Download
KT-LED8T8-24GC-835-S 3500K 2′ 8W 1150 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-835-S Download
KT-LED8T8-24GC-840-S 4000K 2′ 8W 1150 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-840-S Download
KT-LED8T8-24GC-850-S 5000K 2′ 8W 1150 lm KT-LED9T8-24GC-850-S Download
KT-LED11.5T8-48GC-830-S 3000K 4′ 11.5W 1700 lm KT-LED12T8-48GC-830-S Download
KT-LED11.5T8-48GC-835-S 3500K 4′ 11.5W 1700 lm KT-LED12T8-48GC-835-S Download
KT-LED11.5T8-48GC-840-S 4000K 4′ 11.5W 1800 lm KT-LED12T8-48GC-840-S Download
KT-LED11.5T8-48GC-850-S 5000K 4′ 11.5W 1800 lm KT-LED12T8-48GC-850-S Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-830-S 3000K 4′ 15W 2100 lm KT-LED17T8-48GC-830-S Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-835-S 3500K 4′ 15W 2100 lm KT-LED17T8-48GC-835-S Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-840-S 4000K 4′ 15W 2200 lm KT-LED17T8-48GC-840-S Download
KT-LED15T8-48GC-850-S 5000K 4′ 15W 2200 lm KT-LED17T8-48GC-850-S Download
KT-LED15T8-U6GC-835-S 3500K U-Bend 15W 2100 lm KT-LED17T8-U6GC-835-S Download
KT-LED15T8-U6GC-840-S 4000K U-Bend 15W 2200 lm KT-LED17T8-U6GC-840-S Download
KT-LED15T8-U6GC-850-S 5000K U-Bend 15W 2200 lm KT-LED17T8-U6GC-850-S Download
KT-LED25.5T5HO-48GC-835-S 3500K 4′ 25.5W 3225 lm KT-LED27T5HO-48GC-835-S Download
KT-LED25.5T5HO-48GC-840-S 4000K 4′ 25.5W 3250 lm KT-LED27T5HO-48GC-840-S Download
KT-LED25.5T5HO-48GC-850-S 5000K/td>

4′ 25.5W 3300 lm KT-LED27T5HO-48GC-850-S Download

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