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constant current led drivers

An LED fixture is only as good as its driver. Depend on Keystone’s 70+ year legacy of building world-class lighting power electronics for superior reliability and performance. Keystone offers a wide array of 0-10V dimmable LED drivers in a variety of form factors.We factory test 100% of every production run, so when you install a Keystone LED driver, you can count on it to perform.

Keystone’s constant current LED drivers are ideal for general lighting applications in industrial, commercial, and residential environments where efficiency matters most. Constant current LED drivers maximize light output without over stressing the LEDs to provide consistent, even light. By controlling the maximum current going through the system, these LED drivers prevent thermal runaway.

These drivers are required when the driver is used to power the LED load directly. With constant current drivers, the output current is fixed by the driver, while the output voltage varies depending on the LED load. The more LEDs the driver is powering, the greater the output voltage will be, up to a maximum as allowed by the driver specifications.

Save precious time and money submitting drivers for UL certification with Keystone’s selection of Class P LED drivers.

The Class P program allows luminaire manufacturers the flexibility to source alternate LED drivers without the need to retest for UL certification. Virtually all LED drivers we offer can be listed Class P, just ask.

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Tech Specs

  • How to Select a Driver

    These drivers are required when another LED current controlling device, such as a built in resistor or regulating driver is already connected directly to the LED load. With constant voltage drivers, the output voltage remains fixed (typically at 12Vdc or 24Vdc) at any current level, up to a maximum allowable current, as dictated by the maximum output power of the driver. In order to correctly select a constant voltage driver, you need to know the following:

    The CONSTANT INPUT VOLTAGE required by the LED module.

    The constant input voltage required by the LED module must match the CONSTANT OUTPUT VOLTAGE of the driver.

    The MAXIMUM POWER required by the LED modules in the system.**

    The total power consumption of the LED modules in the system must not exceed the MAX OUTPUT POWER of the LED driver.

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