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Group of 3 programmable led driver with programing jig adapter

Keystone’s SmartCurrent LED Drivers provide maximum flexibility

Keystone’s programmable SmartCurrent LED drivers feature multiple wattage options, from 12W to 100W. To set output current, simply program via our user-friendly software to adjust the parameters and meet your application needs.

SmartCurrent features a dim-to-off mode, enabling dimming to 1%, for precise tuning of output current. The drivers also feature a 12Vdc/ 200mA max auxiliary power output.

Program your driver quickly and easily.

Programming your SmartCurrent driver is easy with the SmartCurrent cradle and SmartCurrent software. Download the software to your Windows laptop or PC, place the driver in the cradle, connect it to the SmartCurrent PC software via the included USB cable, then use the software to program the LED driver to the specifications that best suit your needs. The process is fast, simple, and reliable.

SmartCurrent Benefits

  • Reduce inventory
  • Gain output flexibility

Product Features

  • Programmable output current via Keystone’s SmartCurrent cradle
  • Meets FCC 15 (Class B) consumer limits
  • Short circuit overload and open load protection
  • Dimmable with 0-10V dimmer (down to 1% at max. output current)
  • Auxiliary power: 12Vdc; 200mA max (not included on the 12W and 20W models)
  • UL Class P
  • Compatible with Keystone occupancy sensors

Programming Features

  • Drive current (10mA increments)
  • Minimum dimming level (1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, or 10%)
  • Dimming curve (linear, log, inverse log, or square log)
  • Minimum dimming voltage (1V, 1.5V, or 2V)
  • Maximum dimming voltage (7V, 8V, or 9V)
  • Dim-to-off voltage (0.8V, 1V, 1.2V, or N/A)
  • Thermal foldback temperature (75°C/167°F, 85°C/185°F, or 90°C/194°F)

LED Drivers Brochure


Smart Current Software


Module Driver Pairing Guide

cULus Listed RoHS Compliant logo 5 Year Warranty

Tech Specs

    Input Characteristics Output Characteristics Features
    Catalog Number Input Voltage Power Factor Max Current Output Power Rated Output Current Output Voltage Efficiency Case Style Spec Sheet
    KTLD-12-UV-SC500-56-VDIM-AF1 120-277Vac >0.9 TBD 12W 120 –500mA 10-56V TBD AF1 Download
    KTLD-20-UV-SC730-56-VDIM-AF4 120-277Vac >0.9 0.23A @120V 20W 200 –730mA 10-56V 86% (at 120V) AF4 Download
    KTLD-25-UV-SC1250-56-VDIM-W1 120-277Vac >0.9 0.28A @120V
    0.16A @240V
    0.13A @277V
    25W 420-1250mA 10-56V 86% (at 120V) W1 Download
    KTLD-30-UV-SC1050-56-VDIM-U7 120-277Vac >0.9 0.31A @120V
    0.17A @240V
    0.15A @277V
    30W 350-1050mA 10-56V 86% (at 120V) U7 Download
    KTLD-40-UV-SC1400-56-VDIM-W1 120-277Vac >0.9 0.49A @120V
    0.24A @240V
    0.22A @277V
    40W 470-1400mA 10-56V 86% (at 120V) W1 Download
    KTLD-50-UV-SC1400-56-VDIM-U7 120-277Vac >0.9 0.52A @120V
    0.28A @240V
    0.24A @277V
    50W 470-1400mA 10-56V 86% (at 120V) U7 Download
    KTLD-85-UV-SC2600-56-VDIM-U4 120-277Vac >0.9 0.89A @120V
    0.44A @240V
    0.38A @277V
    85W 860-2600mA 10-56V 86% (at 120V) U4 Download
    KTLD-100-UV-SC3000-56-VDIM-U4 120-277Vac >0.9 1.02A @120V
    0.53A @240V
    0.46A @277V
    100W 1500–3000mA 10-56V 89% (at 120V) U4 Download
    Catalog Number Description Spec Sheet
    KTLD-SC-PGMR-1 SmartCurrent Cradle with micro-USB cable Download
    KTLD-SC-ADPT-1A Programming jig adapter for Keystone SmartCurrent LED drivers with U7 or U4 cases. For
    handheld programming options. Must be used in conjunction with KTLD-SC-PGMR-1
    KTLD-SC-ADPT-1B Programming jig adapter for Keystone SmartCurrent LED drivers with W1 cases. Must be used in
    conjunction with KTLD-SC-PGMR-1
    KTLD-SC-ADPT-1C Programming jig adapter for Keystone SmartCurrent LED drivers with W1 cases. Must be used in
    conjunction with KTLD-SC-PGMR-1

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