An energy efficient, vapor tight fixture for rugged commercial & outdoor applications.

vapor tight led fixture

Keystone’s vapor tight LED fixtures are the ideal energy efficient and long lasting solution to replace fluorescent fixtures. With a design similar to legacy vapor tight lights, our narrow body LED vapor tight fixtures are easy to install and service. Providing a wide selection of fixture options, XFit vapor tight LED fixtures are offered in 2’, 4’, and 8’ constructions with lumen outputs ranging from 2,430 lm to 11,700 lm. They feature Keystone’s Power Select and Color Select technologies, which allow users to choose from among a variety of power outputs and color temperatures by flicking a switch.

The durable construction of these vapor tight fixtures protect the LEDs from dirt, dust, and moisture. Featuring stainless steel lens clips and an impact resistant polycarbonate lens, Keystone’s vapor tight LED fixtures are built to withstand rugged applications.

Benefits of XFit Vapor Tight LED Fixtures

  • Narrow design, suitable for rugged demanding applications
  • IP65 Rated, suitable for wet locations
  • Smooth diffused lens for even appearance
  • Durable, stainless steel lens clips; impact resistant polycarbonate

Product Features

  • Power Select and Color Select technologies
  • Powered by Keystone 0-10V dimming drivers
  • 0-10V dimming, 10% minimum
  • Low optical flicker
  • Compatible with Keystone SmartSafe LED emergency battery backup
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C/-4°F to 45°C/122°F
  • UL Listed 1598: suitable for dry and damp locations
  • THD: <20%; power factor: >0.95
  • LED chip lifetime, L70>100,000 hours @ 25°C/77°F ambient fixture temperature
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • DLC Premium Listed

XFit Indoor Fixtures Brochure

cULus Listed 5 Year Warranty

Tech Specs

Power and Color Selectable

    Catalog Number Nominal Size Selectable Wattage Selectable CCT Lumens Efficacy Input Voltage Dimmable DLC CRI Spec Sheet
    KT-VTLED25PS-2A-8CSA-VDIM 2ft 25W 3500K 3250 130 lm/W 120-277V 0-10V Yes >80 Download
    4000K 3275 131 lm/W
    5000K 3300 132 lm/W
    20W 3500K 2660 133 lm/W
    4000K 2680 134 lm/W
    5000K 2700 135 lm/W
    15W 3500K 2040 136 lm/W
    4000K 2055 137 lm/W
    5000K 2070 138 lm/W
    KT-VTLED44PS-4A-8CSA-VDIM 4ft 44W 3500K 5764 131 lm/W 120-277V 0-10V Yes >80 Download
    4000K 5808 132 lm/W
    5000K 5852 133 lm/W
    28W 3500K 3892 139 lm/W
    4000K 3920 140 lm/W
    5000K 3948 141 lm/W
    18W 3500K 2556 142 lm/W
    4000K 2574 143 lm/W
    5000K 2592 144 lm/W
    KT-VTLED75PS-4A-8CSA-VDIM 4ft 75W 3500K 9750 130 lm/W 120-277V 0-10V Yes >80 Download
    4000K 9825 131 lm/W
    5000K 9900 132 lm/W
    64W 3500K 8512 133 lm/W
    4000K 8576 134 lm/W
    5000K 8640 135 lm/W
    44W 3500K 6160 140 lm/W
    4000K 6204 141 lm/W
    5000K 6248 142 lm/W
    KT-VTLED90PS-8A-8CSA-VDIM 8ft 90W 3500K 11790 131 lm/W 120-277V 0-10V Yes >80 Download
    4000K 11880 132 lm/W
    5000K 11970 133 lm/W
    75W 3500K 10125 135 lm/W
    4000K 10200 136 lm/W
    5000K 10275 137 lm/W
    54W 3500K 7560 140 lm/W
    4000K 7614 141 lm/W
    5000K 7668 142 lm/W


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By utilizing industry leading lighting layout design software, we provide accurate and dependable application renderings. For new constructions or retrofit, simply provide Keystone with a few key project details, and our lighting designers will get to work on your request.

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