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Keystone has a solution for your entire building, inside and out. We’re expanding our popular line of XFit fixtures and heading outdoors to meet your lighting needs for building exteriors, parking lots, pathways and general outdoor areas. Look for our Color Select and Power Select technology on many of these new fixtures, allowing you to field select from multiple color temperatures or lumen outputs with a simple switch.

Count on Keystone to bring you well-designed, versatile products that allow for dramatic SKU/stocking reductions and help contractors save time with easy installation, while providing customers with dramatic energy savings.

Area Lights with OpticSwap

No need for detailed custom orders, long wait times, and callbacks. Thanks to Keystone’s XFit Area Lights with OpticSwap, one fixture can do it all.

OpticSwap is a Keystone innovation that makes switching optics tool free: undo two clasps, change out the optic lens, and relatch the clasps. The fixture retains its weather-resistant IP65 rating.

But it doesn’t only change the way optics are switched out. Combined with Keystone’s unique kitting approach, it also changes the market for area lights entirely.

XFit Area Lights with OpticSwap stocking specials include everything in a single box: fixture, three optics – Type III, IV, and V — pre-installed mount, dusk-to-dawn photocell, and shorting cap. That means distributors can put them on the shelf and contractors can buy them and go.

Don’t need all that equipment? Keystone XFit Area Lights are also available in dedicated versions. Optics and other accessories – including square poles and square pole kits — can be purchased separately.

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Mistik DMX Wall Washer

The Keystone Mistik DMX Linear Wall Washer combines the beauty and range of RGBW light with the simplicity of our SmartLoop wireless lighting system to create easy-to-use, flexible, and vibrant specialty lighting. Ideal for architectural and landscape lighting, it allows everyone to bring the full spectrum of colors to any exterior.

Mistik is a plug-and-play system: simply power up the light bar and pull up the downloadable SmartLoop app on a smartphone or tablet. It’s also fully compatible with DMX512 and RDM. If you’re using an existing DMX solution, simply use the Keystone DMX connection cord.

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Dusk-to-Dawn Fixtures

Keystone’s XFit Dusk-to-Dawn fixtures offers multi-purpose general area lighting options in a common aesthetic, to maximize energy savings  It also features daylight sensing capability through a standard NEMA twist-lock receptacle, allowing the units to dim down in stages and has an optional motion sensor available.

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LED Floodlights

Keystone’s LED floodlights offer substantial SKU reduction with universal mounting and color adjustability. For mounting flexibility, each floodlight fixture includes two mounting options. Our 15W, 35W and 60W models have heavy-duty, adjustable knuckle and yoke mount options, while our 75W and 100W models include slipfitter and trunnion mount options. The unique Color Select feature allows you to select the desired color temperature with a simple switch.    

A built-in dusk-to-dawn photocell provides added energy savings through increased controllability. These sensors ensure that the flood light fixtures are only operating when darkness is detected.

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High Power Floodlights

Keystone’s LED high power floodlights combine formidable illumination with substantial SKU reduction, offering power output and color temperature adjustability coupled with dual mounting options. The floodlights come in two models, each with two Power Select wattage options: a 140W/100W model and a 290W/210W model.

Both include adjustable Color Select technology, with color temperature choices of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K.

Each floodlight fixture includes two heavy-duty mounting options: a trunnion mount for buildings and walls, and a slipfitter mount for installing on poles. Both are dimmable and feature a replaceable, dusk-to-dawn photocell, which ensures that the floodlight fixtures only operate when darkness is detected.

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Sports Lights

Keystone’s sports lights are powerful fixtures that are ideal for venues such as stadiums, driving ranges, municipal parks, and other locations with high pole illumination needs.

Our sports lights include a distinctive feature: ability to remote mount the driver, allowing for on-site flexibility and lower EPA wind ratings. This remote capability not only makes the fixture easy to install but simplifies maintenance. Lamps can be placed up to 50 meters (164 feet) high, but drivers can be placed in a bank at the base level. When it’s time to replace the driver, service is just a matter of accessing at the base – not getting on a lift.

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Bullet Floodlights

Keystone’s LED bullet floodlight fixtures offer functional design with energy-efficient lighting and unmatched versatility. Power and Color Select technology allows users to choose from three wattages and three color temperatures, so contractors and distributors can substantially reduce SKUs, while providing installers an easy way to ensure that they have the right light on-site.

In addition, these bullet floodlights feature a built-in photocell, allowing you to turn daylight sensing on and off with an easily accessible dip switch. To change beam spread, simply use the additional optic lens that’s included in the box, which can be installed using the fixture’s convenient twist on/off glass lens cap.

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LED Traditional-Slim Wall Packs

Keystone’s XFit traditional-slim LED wall packs feature robust lighting output capabilities – up to 17,000-plus lumens – in an updated, modern design. They keep the same footprint as traditional wall packs, so there’s no need to repaint or redo the area around the installation, and they’re equipped with an easily accessible driver for simple maintenance.

We also carry traditional wall packs in the original dimensions. They come with Color Select technology in a variety of dedicated power outputs, and like our slim models, feature a built-in photocell, reliable Keystone driver, and rugged construction.

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LED Full Cutoff Wall Packs

The architectural design of Keystone’s full cutoff wall packs improves the appearance of building exteriors and optimizes the light distribution by directing light downward and outward. A precision crafted optical lens provides a wide distribution pattern, ideal for increased fixture spacing and uniformity. The wall pack fixture’s heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing features modern aesthetics while providing (5) available ½” threaded conduit hubs.  

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LED Adjustable Wall Packs

Keystone’s full cutoff LED adjustable wall packs are designed to direct light where needed for outdoor illumination applications, such as alleys, pathways, and landscape lighting. Adjust the fixture along a 90˚ angle in 15 different positions to illuminate areas that may have been difficult to reach. These fixtures come with Keystone’s Power Select and Color Select technology, so power outputs and color temperatures can be changed with the flick of a switch.

In addition, our LED adjustable wall packs include an integrated photocell that provides dusk-to-dawn lighting, which can easily be turned on or off with an accessible dip switch.

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Small Low-profile Wall Packs

Our low-profile wall packs are ideal for general safety and security illumination needs. The small, low profile design of these fixtures allows them to be mounted virtually anywhere. An impact-resistant and highly diffused polycarbonate lens protects the fixture while offering reduced glare for low mounting height applications.

For additional energy savings and controllability, our small wall packs feature a built-in dusk-to-dawn photocell to ensure the lights are only on when needed. Most units are also equipped with our innovative Color Select feature, allowing you to choose your desired color temperature with a simple switch for extra versatility and significant SKU reduction.

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Canopy Fixtures

With Power and Color Select technology, a built-in photocell, and a slender, low-profile design, XFit Canopy fixtures offer capabilities that separate them from the pack. The clever, easy-hang bracket holds the fixture in place for simple installation, and the secure, heavy-duty design protects it against the elements.

With Keystone sensor compatibility and a dependable Keystone driver, our canopies can brighten spaces such as parking garages, covered walkways, and building overhangs. It’s a canopy fixture for multiple outdoor applications.

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