99 Cents Only Stores and CoolSys Use Keystone to Save Energy, Beat Deadlines


99 Cents Only Stores is a popular deep-discount retailer, headquartered in California, with almost 400 locations across the West and Southwest. The store was seeking an environmentally responsible solution to reduce energy and maintenance expenditures in 248 of its stores, a project it named “Project Bright.” The goal: Retrofit the stores’ existing fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.

CoolSys Energy Solutions, an ESCO based in Savannah, Georgia, was selected to execute this ambitious project. The schedule was extremely tight: The project had to be accomplished in just 100 days. CoolSys selected Keystone Technologies as the primary supplier for the 4-foot linear TLEDs and LED Emergency Backup Driver Kits used to fulfill the retrofit.

Products Used:

  • Keystone Emergency Back-Up LED Driver 5W 500 Lumen Kit (KT-EMRG-LED-5-500-K1)
  • Keystone T8 LED Lamp (KT-LED10.5T8-48G-840-DX2)
  • Keystone 25W 8-Foot Single Pin LED T8 4000K Lamp (KT-LED25T8-96G-840-D)

The Solution from Keystone:

Not only was Keystone product instrumental to the project’s success, Keystone made sure it lived up to its motto – Light Made Easy® — with customer service that went above and beyond.

Keystone’s dedicated customer service shined despite challenging logistics caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the industry battling with supply chain issues and major complications in logistics and shipping, Keystone provided dedicated project management support for Project Bright, monitoring every detail, product and shipment.

Coordination was central to the project’s success. Members of Keystone’s staff, such as ESCO Inside Sales Manager Dominic Wonokay and ESCO Customer Service Representative Brea Wilson, banded together to make sure the right products were at the right stores at the right times, so contractors could get their work done quickly.


“Project Bright” was done on budget and ahead of schedule, taking just 90 days. Moreover, it has achieved the kind of results 99 Cents Only Stores was hoping for:

99cent icons

In addition, the project demonstrated Keystone’s determination to get things done, and do them well.

“It goes to our DNA,” said Gene Lindemann, Keystone’s ESCO Sales Manager. “Our focus is to do the best we can to support our partners. It was a challenge, but that’s who we are.”

“Keystone exceeded our expectations,” said CoolSys’ Powlas. “Keystone really stepped up and understood the importance of the project being a success and did everything in its power to help us.”