Geno’s Steaks Glows 24 Hours a Day with Keystone’s LED Tubes


Geno’s Steaks, an iconic establishment in South Philadelphia, has been serving their famous cheesesteaks to tourists and locals alike for more than 50 years. Every day, thousands of hungry customers line up to order Geno’s amazing cheesesteaks, a Philly favorite. Overhead, the lights are burning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nearly 365 days a year, in both the customer areas and the kitchen. The monthly energy bill was on a steady uphill climb.

Geno’s primary goal was a lighting retrofit that would increase efficiency and reduce energy costs, but there were some additional considerations. Because they are open for business around the clock, scheduling lighting maintenance had been an on-going issue. They wanted a lighting product that was virtually maintenance-free. They also needed the quickest possible installation so that there would be minimal inconvenience to customers and staff, and no impact on business.

Products Used:

The Solution from Keystone:

Geno’s chose to retrofit with Keystone’s Direct Drive T8 LED tubes. Keystone’s Direct Drive technology bypasses the ballast and instead uses line voltage connected directly to the lamp sockets for maximum energy efficiency. No external ballast or driver is needed.

Geno’s also used Keystone’s innovative wiring harness, designed specifically for Direct Drive LED tube retrofit upgrades. The wiring harness eliminates much of the wiring work that would normally take place on the job site, drastically reducing installation time.


The installation of new LED lighting at Geno’s was completed in a single day, which was much faster than Geno’s anticipated. Costs for lighting have plummeted by 50%. And Geno’s has given an A+ for the impressive light output from the new LED tubes.


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