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Keystone Lights Up New Warehouse for DAS


Dynamic Advertising Solutions (DAS), a Philadelphia and Washington-based promotions and branding specialist, takes pride in creating “bespoke swag” for its many clients, which have included Hello Fresh, Turner Construction, and the Philadelphia Four Seasons Hotel.

“We’re a concierge-style promotional product partner, assisting our partners with creative ideas, raising brand awareness, and helping them recognize and reward their teams,” says President/CEO and
Co-Founder Andy Langsam.

When DAS decided to move into a 32,000-square-foot warehouse in northeast Philadelphia, the company wanted to create a distinctive storage and office facility that would allow them to consolidate their merchandise, including apparel, distinctive drinkware, point-of-purchase displays, and tech accessories.

The 1905 warehouse needed upgrades on its plumbing, HVAC, and lighting, among other systems. With the help of an energy consultant, DAS set out to make the building more energy efficient, user friendly, and cost effective, selecting Keystone Technologies lamps and accessories to help meet their goals.

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Products Used:

Keystone High Bay Fixtures (KT-HBLED215-2F-850-VDIM-P, KT-HBLED175-2F-850-VDIM-P, KT-HBLED90-2F-850-VDIM-P)

Keystone SmartLoop Sensor for High Bay (KTSL-HBFC1-UV-KO-PIR)

Keystone Linear LED Wraps (KT-WLED33-4-8XX-VDIM-P, KT-LED18.5T8-48GC-850-DX2)

The Solution from Keystone:

The original warehouse lighting was a particular concern. The existing lighting was old and dilapidated, and the space included metal halide high bay fixtures that were buzzy and inefficient. They were replaced by Keystone LED high bays and wraps.

In addition, the project made use of Keystone’s SmartLoop wireless control technology, which added significantly to energy savings.


The combination of LEDs and SmartLoop has helped the project produce great economic benefits, says Langsam. They include:

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Langsam, who has used Keystone in some of his residential projects as well, cites the company’s reputation as another plus.

“Keystone is responsive and helpful for whatever I need,” he says.

He’s looking forward to seeing his new bottom line.

“I’m really pleased with how the project went,” he said. “It’s a great investment and will reward us for years to come.”