Swire Coca-Cola saves money and time with Keystone Technologies


Swire Coca-Cola USA produces, sells, and distributes Coca-Cola and other beverages in 13 states throughout the Western U.S. Rob Zimmer, project engineer for the Swire bottling plant in Denver, CO, attended an energy trade show in the spring and was motivated to find ways to reduce both energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the Denver plant. Zimmer originally focused only on the production facility, but then broadened the scope of the project to include the warehouse, office areas and common areas.

Products Used:

The Solution from Keystone:

Keystone has a robust product sample program, and provided enough LED tube samples for the Swire plant to retrofit multiple high bay fixtures. Swire was able to evaluate both the performance and the installation of the tubes in actual work areas, and make a purchase decision with great confidence in the product.

Swire chose Keystone’s DirectDrive LED T8 tubes. DirectDrive technology bypasses the ballast and uses line voltage connected directly to the lamp sockets. No external ballast or driver is needed.


The new LED tubes produce a higher quality of light throughout the facility, and any dark or shadowy areas have been eliminated. The improved lighting in the bottling plant has increased production. There is no longer a flickering issue from fluorescent tubes in the office area and the work surfaces are brighter.

Swire also chose to install occupancy sensors in the warehouse. The sensors ensure that the lights are only turned on when and where employees are present, maximizing energy efficiency.

Swire is projecting $65,000 in annual energy savings, and an additional $33,000 in annual labor savings by upgrading to Keystone DirectDrive LED tubes.

The improved quality of light and the impressive energy savings at the Denver location got the attention of Swire’s corporate headquarters in Draper, Utah. Representatives from the main office visited the Denver facility, and will be making a report to their other bottling plants across the west in an effort to help them achieve similar results.