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United Nations Headquarters Reduces Carbon Footprint with Keystone’s LED Tubes


The United Nations Headquarters in New York City hosts countless meetings, seminars, and events in multiple buildings located across their sprawling Upper East Side campus. Thousands of people report to work there on a daily basis. The UN has been undergoing renovations for nearly 10 years, committed to going green and achieving LEED Silver status. With a goal of reducing energy consumption and costs, the UN recently evaluated their interior lighting and decided to make some changes.     

Products Used:

The Solution from Keystone:

The UN selected tubes with Keystone’s Direct Drive technology, which bypasses the ballast and uses line voltage connected directly to the lamp sockets. With Direct Drive, they were able to keep the existing fixtures, which made sound environmental and financial sense. It also meant they could use Keystone’s innovative wiring harness, designed specifically for LED tube upgrades, which drastically reduced installation time.  


The UN is enjoying impressive light output with almost no future maintenance, while saving nearly 50% in energy costs.