Warshauer Electric Supply Retrofits all 5 of Their Locations with Keystone LED Tubes


As an established and well-respected electrical distributor, Warshauer Electric Supply in New Jersey was not a stranger to LED lighting. With 5 locations across the state, all of the Warshauer warehouses were stocking a growing number of LED lamps and retrofit kits to meet the burgeoning demand for LED products. Like the proverbial tale of the shoemaker’s children who never have shoes, Warshauer was making sure that other businesses, offices, and commercial establishments were getting the benefits of LED, without taking advantage of it themselves. It was time for Warshauer to make the switch from fluorescent to LED.

Energy efficiency and a lower electric bill were primary considerations for Warshauer, but they also wanted to improve the quality of light in both the office areas and the warehouse. In order to keep warehouse operations working smoothly, they wanted LED tubes that could be installed quickly by their own staff, with no need to hire outside electricians.

Products Used:

The Solution from Keystone:

Warshauer used Keystone’s 14 Watt Smart Drive T8 LED tubes for their retrofit. Smart Drive tubes Plug & Play with the existing ballast, so it was a very simple process of exchanging old fluorescent tubes for new LED tubes.


It took about two hours for two Warshauer employees to replace 100 warehouse lamps. Aisles that were previously dim and shadowy were noticeably brighter as soon as the SmartDrive LED tubes were installed. The spinning of the electric meter slowed immediately, and energy use for lighting has dropped by 40%.