How to Make a Custom PDF

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

The anatomy of a file

Your company logo is placed prominently at the top of the first page.

Your company details (Name, Address, Contact info and website) are placed at the bottom of the last page of the file.

Step 1 - Choose collateral

Choose your collateral to print from the product list on the left side of the resource center. Most products have a flyer, a brochure, and an email template but some only have 1 or 2 types of collateral. Click on the file you want to create and you will be brought to the collateral creation page.

Step 2 - Upload logo

After selecting your collateral and navigating to the collateral creation page, start by uploading your company logo. The collateral creator accepts the following image file types: jpg, png or gif.

Ideally your logo file will not have a lot of whitespace around it. Too much whitespace will make the logo very small on the final pdf and possibly not legible.

Step 3 - Input company info

Enter your company name, address, phone number and website URL. These details will be automatically added to the PDF.

Step 4 - Preview your PDF

Preview your final PDF using the PDF Previewer to make sure all items are correct. If anything is incorrect repeat any of the previous steps as necessary.

Step 5 - Download PDF file

When all details are added to the PDF you can download your final file and save to your computer.

Step 6 - Print your collateral

The final PDF file is high resolution and print ready. You can email the file to your printer of choice and have them print the file double sided and begin sending out your branded marketing materials.