Bypass the ballast for the fastest LED upgrade.

two crossed LED sign tubes

Why your customers will love it:

Double energy savings

Get comparable light output using 252W with Sign Hero as using 540W with fluorescent lamps. Keystone’s LED sign tube also has a longer useful life compared to fluorescent, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Quick and easy installation

Our DirectDrive technology eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast while still using the existing sockets. A ballast bypass design saves time and is hassle free for field technicians.

Consistent lighting

We’ve added optical lenses to cover each individual LED chip in the tube, which eliminates hot spots and ensures consistent light distribution across both faces of the sign.

Variety of sizes

We have solutions for any size sign cabinet. Sign Hero is available in lengths ranging from 18” to 120.”

Flexible for your needs

We’ve provided a rotatable R17D end cap that swivels, ensuring that the tube can be adjusted regardless of socket orientation in the sign.

Built to last

Heavy duty aluminum heatsink ensures the LEDs run cooler for longer. Plastic and aluminum construction ensures less breakage.


A patented solution for retrofits or new sign installations, as well as single or double sided sign needs.

Seeing is believing!

Show your customers the even light output with our Sign Hero counter top display. Request an attention grabbing display today to help increase sales.

Sign Hero LED Brochure


Sign Solutions Brochure

cULus Classified Mark 5 Year Warranty

Tech Specs

Keystone is updating its existing Sign Tubes to a second generation. You may receive generation one product with same performance while supplies last.

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