Keystone Technologies Introduces Full Line of Downlights

February 11, 2022

(LANSDALE, PA) – Keystone Technologies, the industry-leading lighting and lighting controls manufacturer, is proud to announce a major new product line: Keystone LED Downlights.

Keystone downlights are designed to fulfill the needs of any type of project: commercial, residential, new construction, and retrofit. Many are equipped with Keystone’s innovative Power Select and Color Select technologies – which allow users to adjust power output and color temperature in the field with the flick of a switch – and are available with sophisticated touches such as interchangeable trim rings and recessed designs.

They are, in short, downlights for all applications.

“These downlights achieve a variety of goals for contractors and installers, whether they’re putting new downlights in a large commercial project or replacing legacy versions in a retrofit,” said Josh Brown, EVP of Marketing and Distributor Sales. “With their many features, beautiful design, simple installation, and LED technology, we believe that Keystone downlights are the best and most versatile downlights on the market.”

Keystone downlights come in four product families:

PSCS Advanta RMT Group Shot Advanta. Designed for commercial downlighting needs, Advanta features an integrated driver, deep recessed look, and flexible metal conduit for all wiring. With its available interchangeable trims, Advanta is ideal for commercial retrofit applications of existing 4-pin CFL based fixtures as well as new construction projects. A variation, Advanta RMT, offers a remote driver option for installation flexibility.

PSCS Advanta EMRG Angled with Whip

An emergency downlight version, Advanta EMRG, offers a unique take on emergency lighting. It consists of everything on one device: a pre-installed and pre-wired LED emergency battery backup kit with an included test button/indicator light in the downlight housing. The wiring conduit includes a quick disconnect feature to aid in easy installation. It takes the guesswork out of EMRG offerings.

Wafer Circa Group Circa. A wafer LED downlight that’s slim in design but offers big performance, Circa blends modern edge-lit aesthetics with supreme installation flexibility for both commercial and residential applications. With its remote driver and built-in junction box, Circa eliminates the need for a traditional multipiece fixture setup. The family comes in two styles: a true slim wafer as well as a recessed version. Both options fit in shallow ceilings and flexible locations so there’s no worry about ceiling joist obstructions.

Aviva Group Shot Aviva. Keystone’s residential downlight solution, Aviva downlights are the ideal option to improve overall fixture aesthetics vs. common screw-in lamps, while using the same easy installation method — twisting an E26 base into a socket. They’re available in standard configurations as well as gimbal options for use in vaulted ceilings or to highlight feature items along a nearby wall.

Ova. Ideal for both residential or light-duty commercial applications, Ova surface mount disk lights can be installed directly on a typical ceiling mount junction box or installed as a retrofit into existing recessed light fixtures. They offer improved aesthetics while using the same easy screw-in installation as legacy lamps.


Features of Keystone LED Downlights include up to 90 CRI, ranges of sizes, 0-10V and TRIAC dimming options, Energy Star ratings, and available use in wet locations. All are backed by Keystone’s 5-year warranty and unparalleled service. They’re yet another reason Keystone is “Light Made Easy.”

About Keystone Technologies:

For more than 75 years, Keystone Technologies has been a leader in creating quality-driven lighting solutions for the industry’s top lighting fixture manufacturers and wholesale distributors. The company’s initial ballast offering has grown to a full catalog of lighting products from more than 20 fulfillment centers across the United States, including a comprehensive line of LED lamps, bulbs, and tubes; indoor and outdoor LED fixtures and retrofit kits; emergency LED solutions; and controls, ballasts, and power supplies. Keystone is dedicated to the mission that lighting should be simple, hassle-free, and enjoyable: Light Made Easy.

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Nick Baranowski

Marketing Director

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