Keystone’s SmartLoop Is Wireless Lighting Control Made Easy

May 20, 2022

(LANSDALE, PA) – There’s no question that wireless lighting control systems can offer convenience and flexibility. Simplicity, however, is not often their strong suit.

Keystone Technologies has the answer: the SmartLoop wireless lighting control system. It’s a full solution of wireless load controllers, low bay and high bay sensors, and a simple keypad with an intuitive app.

SmartLoop is designed for simplicity. It allows you to set up your lighting system quickly and programs your workspace in minutes. It’s affordable and secure, using Bluetooth mesh-based technology. And it’s simple enough for single-room management, while powerful enough to utilize individual fixture controls to establish multiple scenes and lighting zones.

SmartLoop Wireless Lighting Control

All told, SmartLoop is perfect for facilities from offices to schools, from auditoriums to warehouses – whether new construction or retrofit.

“SmartLoop is the answer for businesses who want easy, simple-to-use lighting control,” says Evan Smith, VP of Products and Sourcing. “SmartLoop is a snap to set up and commission and doesn’t require any special tools or installation knowledge. In fact, with our Auto mode, SmartLoop will automatically use sensors to assess the space’s light distribution and optimize output.”

He adds, “Clients can also customize lighting and sensor settings themselves to suit any customer needs. Either way helps save energy.”

With SmartLoop, clients can simply install and use presets on all devices. If a customer wants custom scenes or to modify sensor settings, SmartLoop is intuitive enough for even an apprentice. SmartLoop allows users to quickly change settings to adjust scenes, modify motion sensor settings, or turn on or off daylighting if desired. Controllers can come factory-installed with an integrated sensor on select fixtures, or controllers can be added into any circuit to control that zone.

There’s no need to chase control wires back from the ceiling and down the wall. SmartLoop allows you to keep any control connections above the ceiling.

There’s also no need for the complexities of wireless hubs, and no expensive labor costs to get it all in place. Just simple, intuitive wireless control.

“Distributors find it easy to recommend, and contractors can get it up and running in minutes,” says Josh Brown, EVP of Marketing and Distributor Sales. “It’s win-win.”

“SmartLoop is both a cost-effective and excellent wireless lighting control system – easy to install, easy to program, easy to use. We’ve installed the SmartLoop system on a number of our projects thus far and we couldn’t be happier with the results,” says Doug Trimbach, VP of engineering consultants Energy Optimizers, USA.

“This is the wireless lighting solution for everybody,” says Brown. “SmartLoop will change your opinion on wireless lighting control.”

SmartLoop is available at Keystone distributors across the United States. For more information, go to

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